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Meet Teddy

Teddy McCann

Teddy McCann

I have been a professional massage therapist since 1997.

I specialize in treating sports injuries using trigger point

therapy techniques to reduce pain, improve range of

motion, and improve overall health and wellness.

I have been fortunate enough to work in a variety of

settings to hone my craft and skills. I have worked with:


  • numerous athletic trainers

  • 9 chiropractors

  • 4 acupuncturists

  • 2 nutrition/lifestyle coaches

  • 1 homeopath

  • lots of yoga/barre instructors

  • multiple physical therapists

  • thousands of weekend warriors

  • hundreds of NCAA Division I student-athletes

  • many world-class athletes

  • a few professional athletes

  • a couple of Olympians


I have also provided chair massage therapy at tradeshows, health fairs, schools, small businesses, conventions and Fortune 500 companies throughout my career.  (see more)


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